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Fletcher aide under FBI probe had wide reach

By Paul McEnroe, Mary Lynn Smith and Howie Padilla
Star Tribune, Sunday, February 04, 2007

This important local story about an aide, Mark Naylon, to the Ramsey
County Sheriff Bob Fletcher being investigated by the FBI seems to be just the beginning of a deeper web of corruption touching not only the Ramsey County Sheriff’s office, but the Hennepin County Sheriff’s office, St. Paul Police Department, and even the St. Paul Mayor’s office, if not the United States Senate, since Sen. Norm Coleman’s name has also come up in connection with Naylon.

The FBI is investigating Naylon concerning allegations that he stole money, tampered with evidence and tipped off suspects and informants. Unidentified sources have told the Star Tribune that the FBI is particularly interested in his connection with the Hell’s Outcasts motorcycle gang.

This attention on Naylon has brought up questions on the qualifications of Naylon’s employment as the Ramsey County Sheriff’s office public information officer despite Naylon’s lack of formal training for the post. He has neither a college degree, nor any experience or education in law enforcement or in communications yet Fletcher lauds him for his work.

Naylon’s close association with Mike Ogren, who was convicted in 2003 of illegal gambling, is also questioned. Ogren owns the nightclub Myth in Maplewood where Naylon provides security for the club through his private security business using moonlighting Ramsey County deputies.

FBI investigates high-level aide to sheriff
By Mara H. Gottfried
Pioneer Press, Saturday, February 3, 2007

This newspaper’s version of the investigation of Naylon details more closely the friendship connection between Naylon and Ramsey County Sheriff Fletcher, mentioning the fact that Naylon served as best man at Fletcher’s wedding in 2004. Fletcher also said that although the sheriff’s office will conduct an internal affairs investigation, that Naylon’s job status won’t change because he takes the approach that a person is innocent until proven guilty. Fletcher said that although when he hired Naylon to be his public information officer in 1998 Naylon didn’t have a background in law enforcement or media relations, but now Naylon hopes to get a part-time peace officer’s licence and start a career in law enforcement. Naylon’s salary is listed as $64,660 and he also moonlights as security director for the Myth nightclub.

This article highlights the relationship between Naylon and the owner of Myth, Michael Ogren. When Naylon was deposed in 2005 about gambling at the Rock, formerly owned by Ogren, Naylon said, “I don’t think gambling is a crime.?


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