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Howard Stern plays with Sanjaya

The New York Times reported that Howard Stern has a big say in who wins "American Idol." Stern has been promoting on his Sirius satellite radio show, a Web site that encourages people to vote for the worst singer on "Idol," not the best. This sixth season that singer is Sanjaya Malakar. The creator of the Web site, votefortheworst.com, said his intention is to make sure the “cheesiest� contestant stays on as long as possible to keep the competition interesting. In contrast, Stern wants to subvert the show, bring it down by exposing the talent competition as a farce and to ultimately destroy its popularity. A spokeswoman for "American Idol" said efforts like these have no effect on the final results. The New York Times said the 24-year-old Sanjaya might be the most talked-about “American Idol� contestant ever.

The New York Post described the power of critics of "American Idol" to skew voting and keep “misfit� Sanjaya Malakar on the hit talent show for another round. It said it's the first time on the show that a contestant so thoroughly disliked by so many has become more popular than any of the favored frontrunners. Howard Stern vowed to ruin the show that he said is ruining the music industry. Idol fans are upset because keeping Sanjaya in the competition keeps other more talented singers out of the running.