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Latino WWII veterans protest Ken Burns upcoming PBS documentary

Ken Burns’ new documentary, The War, is set to premiere on PBS stations this September 2007. Sunday’s online edition of USA Today said this film, six years in the making, includes no Hispanic presence, causing a political problem for PBS and Burns.

Latino leaders and Congress’ Hispanic caucus are angry that what is being touted as Burns greatest work has left out any Latino recognition.

Burns told AP that he didn’t intentionally exclude Latinos or any other group. PBS and Burns’ dilemma is whether to satisfy an important political constituency or be forced to change his vision due to a protest, setting a dangerous artistic precedent.

A PBS president Paula Kerger has promised solution suggestions within a week.

MSNBC said in an AP article that Latino leaders met in Washington this week with PBS president Paula Kerger to tell her they will not tolerate the omission of Latinos in this documentary. Burns and his co-producer said to the group in a statement that they are “dismayed and saddened? and the implication that they intentionally omitted reference to their group.