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Sharpton calls Imus’ remark “racist?

Rev. Al Sharpton told the New York Post in a Sunday top story that if Don Imus, radio’s original shock-jock, is still working by Friday then he and other black leaders will picket his New York City studio. Although Friday, Imus issued an apology calling his recent remark about the Rutgers basketball team “insensitive? and “ill-conceived,? Sharpton said his apology will only be accepted if he resigns. Imus has a history of saying racially charged remarks, but Sharpton said Imus’ “ugly, graphic terms? to describe the mostly black basketball squad are his worst offense.

Although Sunday’s New York Post didn’t specify Imus’ remarks, Saturday’s New York Times did, which I’ll print in full context:
“That’s some rough girls from Rutgers,? Mr. Imus said on Wednesday. “Man, they got tattoos ...? The program’s executive producer, Bernard McGuirk, agreed: “Some hardcore ho’s,? he said. Imus continued, “That’s some nappy-headed ho’s there, I’m going to tell you that.?
Later in the show, Mr. McGuirk characterized the women’s collegiate basketball championship Tuesday night, between Rutgers and the University of Tennessee, as “the Jigaboos versus the Wannabes.?

The New York Times said networks, journalists and the president of Rutgers University are lining up to condemn these remarks by Imus. The article said not everyone is upset by his remarks; it said his defenders say Imus is an equal-opportunity offender, listing other groups targeted by Imus.