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Stanford University Student Hunger Strike

In Friday's San Francisco Chronicle, a group of 4 Stanford University students are 8 days into a hunger strike for low-wage workers. Although one of the 5 other protesters sought relief at the student health clinic and was given intravenous fluids Thursday, the hunger strikers said they are prepared to go as long as it takes for the university to revise its living-wage policy for low-end workers such as janitors and groundskeepers. University President John L. Hennessy met with the protest group, Student Labor Action Coalition Monday, and university officials plan to meet with them again soon.

In the San Jose Mercury News, Stanford spokeswoman Kate Chesley said the protesters needn’t fast to meet with the university president or other university officials. Chesley said, while the university is backing its current wage policy, every policy can be improved. The hunger strikers’ tents pitched on White Plaza are in full view of hundreds of high school students and their parents making college visits.

Mother Jones online includes a video link of the protest.