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Bush defectors switch to Obama camp

Disillusioned former supporters of President Bush are switching allegiance to Barack Obama as their choice for the White House candidate with the best chance of uniting a divided nation.

The Sunday Times UK online with a Washington byline mentions three unlikely converts: Tom Bernstein who not only attended Yale with Bush but also co-owned the Texas Rangers baseball team with him and was up until recently a staunch supporter of Bush and the Republican party yet admires Obama’s call for action on Darfur; Matthew Dowd, Bush’s chief campaign strategist in 2004 and a member of his inner circle, who sites Bush’s handling of the war in Iraq and his style of leadership as his reasons for the change; and Robert Kagan, a neoconservative and informal foreign policy adviser to Republican senator John McCain who admires Obama’s global affairs policy.The article adds that Hillary Clinton has her own Bush defectors, too.

On that note, in a related story in the Washington Post, steps up her appeals to female donors to keep up with Obama’s successful fundraising. She is rolling out several events tailored to politically active women such as a waterfront concert in NYC headlined by singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton, and a recent push by the nation’s largest political action committee, Emily’s List, which supports female candidates.

To counter Clinton’s efforts for the female vote, Obama’s wife has launched a “Women for Obama? initiative and John Edwards’ wife has stepped up her efforts to gain support of female donors through published interviews.