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Girl gang slash fest by megamall shrimp shop

As a result of a possible gang related attack at the Mall of America, one 14-year-old girl from Bloomington was in critical condition Saturday at Hennepin County Medical Center after being slashed in the stomach and abdomen with the razor blade from a utility knife. Another 14-year-old girl is in custody for the attack and will probably be charged with felony assault. Three women helped the victim within seconds of the attack. A nearby kiosk worker told the Star Tribune that despite it being a busy afternoon crowded with shoppers outside the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant at the Mall of America, the incident drew little attention from passers-by.

The Pioneer Press refers to the Mall of America as the “megamall� in its headline, and its subhead relates the important information that the victim, though hospitalized, is expected to survive and also that the suspect has been arrested. The Pioneer Press also places the incident as happening on the food court side hall of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. rather than the wider, carpeted store hall side.

Both papers state that the attack was not random and emphasize the malls safety statistics. The Star Tribune also details all past high-profile incidents occurring at the mall since its inception and refers to the Mall of America as "MOA" in its front-page headline.