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Norm Coleman considered vulnerable in 2008 Senate reelection bid

Sunday’s Star Tribune’s page 16 headline, “Why is Coleman considered at risk in ‘08? and subhead, “It’s official. Norm Coleman is one of the most vulnerable Senate incumbents up for reelection in 2008,? an exclusive to the Star Tribune, gives details for the many reasons of his vulnerability: geography, timing, his relationship with President Bush, the Iraq war, etc., but it counters that Coleman shouldn’t be considered “political dead meat? yet. Some positives are then included starting with the fact that Coleman is a proven winner, and that his two likeliest Democratic opponents – Al Franken and Mike Ciresi, aren’t.

Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, DSCC partisan website, gives its opinion that Coleman’s reelection bid is at risk because after his visit to Iraq last month, Coleman said there is a lessening in sectarian violence, despite statistics to the contrary.


Wow. This blog is real crap. Quoting the Startrib about Norm Coleman's vulnerability? There's a reliable source to take info from. A newspaper that couldn't find it's ink if is splattered in it's face. Not to mention the insane amount of total subscriptions it loses each month. Can you say sinking ship?

Are you kidding me? Less then 20% of the total MN voting population support Stuart Smalley, er, Al Franken, and even less then that would ever vote for him. This is according to a MN poll conducted a month ago. So say we have a 60-70% voter turnout this next election cycle for the office of state senator, that means Stuart loses. Yes, they've gianed support for Al, but that gain is in single digits, nothing to brag about, that is certain. Good luck Al. Thanks for running. I'm sure the MN GOP thanks you too, due to the fact with an idiot running like this, it sure makes winning easier.