Object: Sled

"Can I use other Ingredients or materials?"
01 jpg
Flexible Sled
You can shape the sled to any form you want!

"Can I combine or merge it with other objects?"
02 Jet jpg
Jet Pack Sled
Sled combined with a jet pack so it goes fast, and flies when it hits jumps.

"What different contexts can I put my concept in?"
03 jpg
Summer Sled
Sled that has a wax like substance on it so you can sled on the grass, just as fast as you would on snow!

"What can I add, or how can I add extra value?"
04 jpg
Scoreboard Sled
Add a gaming aspect, like dodging obstacles, and keep score so you can compete with other sledders.

Put To Other Use
"How can an older person use it?"
06 jpg
Wagon Sled
Attach it to the back of a motorized scooter, so it is easier to carry larger quantities of things!

"What if it had less of something?"
07 jpg
Foldable Sled
A foldable sled, with a lighter material (or less material) to make it easier to carry around and up the hill. It could also break into parts to make it more compact and easier to carry.

"What if I try doing the opposite of what I originally intended?"
08 jpg
Plow Sled
A sled that goes slow, and plows paths into the snow.

Part Two: TILMAG
Ideal Solution Elements:

  • Portable

  • Fast

  • Comfortable

  • Controllable

10 jpg


11 sleeping jpg
Sleeping Bag Sled
A sled that allows you to lay inside of a sleeping bag, so you stay warm, and control it like a luge.

12 jpg
Toy Gun Sled
A sled that has Nerf-like guns attached, so you can add a gaming aspect and shoot other players as they sled down the hill as well!

13 jpg
Color Sled
A sled with colors on the bottom or inside, that dye the snow as you ride.

Part Three: Back To Brainstorming
1. Football Sledding
Goals at the end of the hill, you try to tackle the other sledders as they go down as you would in actual Football. Nothing to be changed.

2.Racing Paths
Sleds that carve paths for other sleds. Nothing to be changed.

3. Obstacle Course
Nothing to be changed.

4. Foam Pit Hill
Add something at the top of the hill that launches the sled, so it goes faster. The foam pit will break the landing!

5.Indoor Sledding
Nothing to be changed.

6.Snowball Sled
Add somewhere to store extra snowballs, and something to aim them so they are not shooting randomly.

7.Jump Molds
Nothing to be changed.

8.Scared Safety Sled
Emergency button that deploys an airbag-like bubble around the sled and rider, as well as an emergency break.

9.Sledding Luge
Build your own sleds from an assortment of parts, and race them to see who builds the fastest sled.

10. Boat Sled
A sled for transporting things while ice fishing, if the ice breaks, the sled floats and you can jump in. Can also be used in the Summer.

And here are my ten favorite ideas!











I enjoyed this assignment because of the open ended solutions that were allowed, while still keeping it in the range of one object. I think that the methods we learned about in class last week were extremely helpful in coming up with more ideas, and made the process more fun. Although I chose a lot of ideas in my top 10 from the brainstorming session in the previous week, some were from this week's process as well!


First off, sorry for being so late to comment!! My baaaad.

All your drawings look great! Scanning the images in vs. taking a picture makes a huge difference. Good job!

I really liked a few of your ideas. I think color sleds could be pretty awesome! Maybe even for skis? Can you figure out a product that could be attached to anything snow related? (snowboard, skis, sled, snowmobile, cc skis, etc.)

Snowball sled would be so awesome! Haha. Seriously would have loved that as a kid. Can you make an attachable version for all sleds? I'm picturing a gatling gun style snowball shooter. It scoops and shoots, using the force of you going down the hill. Or maybe it scoops up snow into a tube and gets compressed into snowballs? I'd like to see that one expanded on haha.

Only thing I would have liked to see was you drawing out the changes you made to some of your brainstorm ideas.

Overall, neat and clean! Great job ;-)

I also apologize for my comment being late.

I really like the design of your blog, it's very organized and clean. Your images blend well with the background and they're easy to see.

Your theme is very focused and easy to understand. The way your presented all your ideas on the Scamper portion of the assignment was really impressive. You really generated some awesome ideas through these tasks.

The ideas that I really think you should work on some more is the color sled. I think this product would be a really popular one and super fun for all the kids sliding down a hill. It would make a rainbow in the sledding hill! That is a great idea!

Overall, awesome job on your assignment, you really made great use of it and covered all the bases with expertise. :)

Yeah, sorry for being late as well. No internet over the holiday!

Your blog is very clean and easy to read. What were your problem statements you were looking at for some of these ideas? I would love to know exactly what problems you're trying to solve with your product development, as this is the first time I've seen your blog.

One thing I would suggest is to pair your 10 ideas at the end with the descriptions from Part 3 - I'm assuming they go together?

I also agree that the color sled would be really cool. I would have loved that as a kid! Biodegradable, nontoxic ink or other materials would need to be researched of course, but that is definitely an idea that would probably make it through the NUF analysis.

Overall, your topic seems fun! I'm excited to see what you come up with as a final product.

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