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I started this process with a mind map and a few episodes of children shows with my niece, which proved to be actually very helpful! My mind map, pictured below, brought about many things I don't directly think of when someone says "Winter", which was interesting considering everyone thinks it is a very straight forward topic (especially since we live in Minnesota :p).

Mind Map.jpg


This was my first idea. "No Slide Spike Pants": A pair of snowpants that have spikes that come out when you pull a string! This would be for when you are skiing, snowboarding, sledding, or any other winter sport, and you wipe out. When you pull the string and the spikes come out, your pants stop you from sliding down the hill! It was a combination of snow pants, and a solution to scraping ice.


My second idea, "Freeze Trax", a sled with a light and hose on the front, would make sledding so much more fun (and dangerous!) the hose would spray water or a gel agent onto the snow in front of you, making the sled go extra fast. This idea came from combining winter sports with ice, and thinking about how every kid wants to go as fast as they can on a sled.


Color Tracks! My third idea, would, when you hit your breaks and create friction on the ice with your tires, create colorful lines and patterns on the ice where you slid! Not the most practical idea, but it could be cool, right? Everyone loves color, and hates sliding in their car.. Why not try to make sliding a little more enjoyable?


Liquid Build-A-Maze would be cool for little kids, maybe? Say you have a big snow bank, and want to do something with it but carving tunnels isnt a practical idea at the moment, you could use Build A Maze in the bottle and start at the top of the snow bank, pour it on, and see what designs and maze tunnels are carved out that you can then race things (like marbles) down!


Co-Z-Mits: You'll never have to worry about your hands and toes getting cold from sticking out from under the covers. When you come in from a cold snowball fight, you can crawl into bed, slip your hands and feet into the built in mittens and socks, and sleep warmly! A combination of cold weather, and wanting to be cozy.


My sixth idea, Spike Sled, has spikes on the bottom of a typical looking sled that would carve a track in the ice and snow as you ride down a hill, so when someone else comes down on another spike sled, or you want to ride down again, you can take the same path, and create cool designs to ride down the hill on!


This one is for the architects at heart: Snow Fort Skeleton. It is snap pieces that you can put together to create the structure you always wanted your snow fort to be when you were a kid, and then cover it with snow. you could make castles, igloos, or just crazy forts with this!


Confetti Lights would be the perfect addition to any holiday party. Just string them up, and when they sense someone walking by (by way of a motion detector), they shoot confetti and streamers out of the light bulbs!

"Heat-A-Cup Snow Shoes": This one is for the lover of fitness, and snow shoeing. The faster you snow shoe, the warmer your hot cocoa (or any warm beverage) becomes!


For my last idea, I came up with a pair of snow shoes that have heat radiating from the bottom, and called them "Melt-A-Path Snow Shoes". This would allow a more lazy snow shoer to still do the sport- without having to trek through the heavy snow! The shoes would actually melt the shoer a path through the snow, getting them to their destination and creating a path leisurely and timely.

The three sub categories I chose were: Snow Pants and Mittens, Sledding, and Ice.


Hello, The quality of the photos for each of the products came out really well. The mind map would have been more readable if it had been photographed in the same way and had not been on grid paper. I also think the sub categories should have been added after the mind map instead of at the end of the post to promote continuity of reading. Some of your ideas are really cool! I personally would have used a skeleton mold for snow forts as a kid.. and probably still would now!

Hi Erin,
I like how your mind map is not cramped and how you have some figures describing the general heading in different places on the map. A little more branching wouldn't have hurt though.
I also like how you name your ideas and put it in bold so it sticks out. You didn't do it for the Heat-a-cup-snowshoes though, which breaks the style a little bit.
The descriptions are good and explain what the products do which is necessary sometimes to explain the function of the idea, though I wasn't quite sure how the Liquid-Build-A-Maze worked.
I found myself sometimes looking at the wrong image when reading because I was expecting the text to be above it, but I guess that's a matter of preference and my inability to adapt :P
The Snow Fort Skeleton idea was my favorite, and I think it definitely has some potential as a real product.

Hi Erin,

Apologies for the late post. Crashed last night unexpectedly due to baaadddd cold and didn't awaken until this morning. Your post was a good jump start to thinking this morning.

I thought the mind map was well done and quite expansive. I think it provides some indications that you are a winter sports enthusiast, as do your products. There is a consistent theme to your ideas related to supporting outdoor winter activities as comfortable and fun.

Your sketches and descriptions are clear. Advancing a bit to Tuesdays' lecture, I think you are getting close to some latent needs in your ideation. Taking whimsical approaches to addressing them may lead you to products that are both practical and fun.

I love the Liquid-Build-A-Maze idea! I saw it as something similar to the Ant Farms I had as a kid. Perhaps this could be a good science education tool - liquids of differing viscosities have different color? vary temperature? Just thoughts.

Regards, Julie

Ant farm image: http://tomheroes.com/images/COMICAD%20ant%20farm.JPG

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