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Of all my ideas, the one I decided had the most market potential was the Color Sled. I did not find any sleds similar in my research, so leaving the straightforward name "Color Sled" seemed appropriate! Below is my Pugh chart documenting some of the decision making process.

Elevator Pitch!


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I really like the graphic you created for this idea, very colorful and informative! I think it gets the point across of this products intended purpose. For the Pugh chart, I think we were supposed to pick one product as a "benchmark" then compare the other 4 ideas to that benchmark. Otherwise the ratings are a little bit arbitrary.

I think your combination of color markers and sledding is a great idea, and I could definitely see this being marketed to kids of all ages (including adults!). However, the one question I have is how will the markers/ colors be activated? It would be neat if it were randomized somehow so that you didn't know what colors would come out as you sled. Or a customizable option as well.

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