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Life Beyond The Grave

Yes you can live on after your death. I’m not talking through the means of religion but through organ donation. According to organdonor.gov over 92,000 people are currently waiting for organ donation and 19 of these people die each day while waiting. There is a high demand for donors. However people are reluctant to become donors due to several fears: religious, too old, disfigurement, or even prospective donor may not be provided optimum health care. Most of these are due to the lack of knowledge of the donation process. You are never too old to donate; the removal of organs is a normal surgical procedure: the doctors who work in the emergency room are different than the doctors who remove the organs . If your concern is that you don’t want you organs to go to someone who themselves is not a donor but needs a transplant then you can register at Life sharers.org. Life sharers is an organization that is designed to make sure your organs are donated to other donors first. I think the main reason why people aren’t donors is because it hasn’t affected them.

While it hasn’t affected me either but I chose to donate; to me it makes perfect sense, I won’t need them when I’m dead and it will save someone’s life. I have to admit I never even thought of organ donation until a woman gave a speech in my oral communication class about her brother-in-law who died while waiting for a transplant. Here I was a perfect candidate without the knowledge of the impact of organ donation. I would want my organs to go to someone who needed them but if I died on my way home that night it wouldn’t happen. Maybe you’re just like me and never thought of it before. We allow this to happen more ways than one.

One solution is an opt-out system. The U.S. has what’s called an opt-in donor registration system in which an individual needs to register as a donor via license, will or any other legal means in order to become a donor. With The opt-out system people are automatically registered as donors but reserve the right to remove there names from the registry. This idea would definitely increase the amount of donors and the lives saved.

Finally, not all donations need to be transplanted when you are deceased. Many organs or tissues can be donated at any time: bone marrow, skin, kidneys, sections of liver and even as simple as blood. If you are interested or want to become a donor check-out the links above.

To see crucial up to the minute data on organ transplants; OPTN.ORG