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Community Exchange

My conflict rises from this eye sore that I have to look at almost daily. It makes our town homes look horrible. The dumpsters are constantly overflowing and items are laid in front or along side. Some of the items left in front of the dumpsters are still good items that people leave out so someone can use them. There are two blue cans to the left for recycling. However, people continue to throw garbage into them. I don’t know if they are to lazy to walk all the way to the dumpsters or think that they are trash cans.
My proposal to solve this conflict is to let the conflict (neighbors) shape the form. In other ways rethink and redesign the layout of the dumpsters.

The dumpsters and recycling cans are enclosed within a fence with two access gates for the waste management trucks. I also included a dedicated portion of the enclosure to community exchange area for items that are reusable. The dumpsters are at an angle in order for the trucks to gain access without blocking the street. The recycling bins are conveniently located at the back to discourage being filled with trash and are clearly marked as recycling.