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Fab Following


Gershenfeld propose an idea of a new product called a personal fabricator. This device is an appliance you would purchase for your home. However this one is unique in the fact that it can produce products. A personal fabricator would be a sophisticated device that would incorporate several other tools, (welder, cutter, miller, etc...), that are necessary for the fabrication of our desired products.
In comparison to Kahn’s text Essential Text, I view this product of one of desire. According to Kahn man has a natural desire to learn. Gershenfeld explains how the students had compassion to learn how to fabricate their own products. Why do we have such a drive? This could relate back to the meaning of life.
Mankind has always had an obsession to know why we are and what it all means. Our desire to learn very well could be our attempt to answer these questions. The more we know the closer we come to understand these questions; this is unlikely. How does the personal fabricator come into play? This allows us to become creators. To take it one step further than learning. It empowers us to become enlightened and it becomes our religion.
Science has become a religion for some. It affects their perception of the universe and beyond through their desire to learn and create. Perfect examples are scientologists and Christian Scientist. Both incorporate scientific facts into their beliefs of human existence. In fact I heard a very interesting comment today “how can an astrophysicist be religious?? I thought hard and still haven’t come up with a different answer than faith. However, that isn’t the point. The point is that science has been in fact became a religion.
Will these personal fabricators become alters of our worship?
I think Kahn made a good point in his discussion. He speculates that the sun is the giver of all presence. Without light, shadow can’t exist. I think it safe to say that we wouldn’t exist. Is the sun our fabricator?