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Go again here we

I Attempt

Vowel exercises

Very frustrated right now. I know fully well that I try to control the sound and always ever so slightly constrict my throat and vocal folds. I don't like the sound that is coming from my mouth and finding it difficult to balance all the variables I needed to better my sound. That said--I'm all for hitting the grindstone...but not much more today because my throat is hurting.

I'm finding that my upper scale is difficult today. I don't know what note it is because I didn't have a piano with me to practice.

I'm having a hard time with the breathiness factor most of all. Throwing in crescendos comes easily, but I find that I'm cracking, which my voice teacher tells me that is a good thing--coming to a breakthrough. But, that frustrates me even more because that means I'm close to letting go. I want to let go, but I don't know how to let air freely flow and vibrate my folds. Ugh.