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Stupid throat.

Well, I've not had a rehearsal with my voice teacher in over two weeks now. I'm not happy about it because of the recent breakthrough, but what can you do? In addition my voice has been dry and scratchy due to illness and weather making my personal rehersal time short. But here's to pluggin' away.

It's been awhile but I've practiced Close, Attempt and Fair House. I've been focusing on getting those high notes up in my pessagio to be tighter and narrower to get that full vibrating sound. Sometimes I confuse that with tightening my throat and folds, but through practice and thinking brighter vowels I seem to be getting the desired sound. Close is probably the closest to be fully performance ready. I just need to remember to keep snarly and not dig into the lower notes. I've done that in practice--forgetting that when I ascend that my voice has a hard time shifting gears into an upper register. Attempt is better. I'm still not 100 percent pleased with it. I feel that in trying to make the eight notes flow together that I begin to sound nasily. I feel a buzz in my nose and I don't like the sound that I'm hearing. But as I've been shown before--it's always different than what someone else hears. So, I'll find out next time. I love Fair House. Damn that's a good song. It hangs up there in my pessagio, but it moves quickly and has wonderful exercises in the vomit feeling. It's been awhile, but I think I'm getting that A flat at the end to work fairly well most of the time. I just need to remember to take my time and get the support I need. Plus, it's just a great high note to hang on and milk. Hey, what singer doesn't like to milk high notes? I think that throughout, however, that my vowels and consonants are mushy. Perhaps they sound differently to the audience, but I'll need to find that out next time. But fain would I change that A flat note...