December 9, 2007

First Semester

My first semester went okay. I kind of struggled a lot because some time I slack off and I know I shouldn't do that. I think the worst part was in the middle of the semester when all my classes started having paper and project due at the same week. Man, I was struggling and didn't think I would have my assignments done on time, but a little bit of staying up late and locking myself in my room I was able to have my assignments on time. Now I am just worried about my grades. I just hope I have good grade and not fail any classes.

Spring Class

Man, I have no clue of what classes I should take in the Spring. I should hurry up with my Spring classes before all the good classes are taken. This time making my classes hour I'm trying to only take my classes three days a week. I'm trying to only have my classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and have a four day weekend, so I would have more time on my homework on those four day. So far have have only two class pick out. In my Spring classes I'm trying to work harder than I did this semester.

December 7, 2007


Have you ever feel confident doing a presentation but once you are in front of the class you freak out? That happen to me so many times. On November 5, I was kind of confident that I was going to do well in my presentation about badminton, but it turn out I freak out once I look at my classmates. I knew a lot about badminton so I thought I was not going to have any problem forgetting my information. I walk to the front of the class and look at my classmates. Everybody had their attention on me and I started getting nervous and started shaking. As I was presenting my voice was shaking. I felt like I was in front of the class for hours. By the time I was done I felt a little more relax knowing I'm finished and their attention will be on something else.

Thanksgiving Break

Well, my Thanksgiving break was okay. The whole family couldn't come together as a family this year. Some had Thanksgiving with their spouse's family. My part on Thanksgiving was to help my mom cook, but I'm really bad at cooking so I mostly stood back and watch my mom cook. My mom is a amazing cooker and look at me I can't even cook, but I trying to learn how to cook. Anyways, we ate around seven and talk as a family. Man, my mom's food was good that I ate as much as I can and by the time I went to bed my stomach was so full.

November 7, 2007

What was I thinking......

On Thursday, November 1, me and my sisters went shopping at Maplewood and after we were done shopping, which we did not buy anything, we went and grabbed something to eat. By the way, it was around eight o'clock at night. One of my sister grabbed two pretezels to eat. Me and my other sister went to grabbed something to drink at Caribou Coffee. While I was choosing I was not thinking what time it was and order a small cappicino. Around ten I went to bed and one of my sister said that I won't be able to sleep after drinking the cappicino, but I was like "yes, I can". Four hours fly by and damn was my sister right.

October 29, 2007

I'm trying

Man, on Thursday I had to wait for five hours between two class so I decided that I should read my geology book, but when I started reading through the book I kept dosing off. I was trying to finish at least three chapter but I end up reading only one chapter and a half during the five hours. Each chapter had like fifteen pages, plus, I didn't want to try to collect all the information in my head because I know I'll forget most of the information. So, I highlight important things and read section by section carefully.

October 23, 2007

Week 2

That week it was raining throughout the whole week and it was also cold and windy. I didn't bring an umbrella unitl Friday because in the morning it looked like it was going to rain, but I was wrong. I think it was on Thursday that I got all wet. I waited for the campus shuttle bus for about ten minutes and it was raining hard. Then I got off at St. Paul campus. I went to my brother's car and he wasn't there so I waited another five minutes and then finally he came. I got in the car and was freezing. I thought I was going to catch a cold but lucky I didn't.