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As we get closer to our presentation date, we have figured out who will be focusing on what. I will be focusing on how influential religion was and the uprising in 1648 of Russian theatre. There were multiple outside factors that impacted the Russian Theatre, however, Religion was one of the biggest, if not the biggest impact on how theatre in Russia came about. Before the uprising in 1648, religion was already established within their performances. Numerous plays revolved around stories from the bible. The reason why plays reenacted stories from the bible was to reinforce moral values and the religion. Performances of weddings, funerals, and sacrifice of an animal were performed. Greek Orthodox Christianity came into the picture in during the tenth century, and later in the Middle Ages, other rituals emerge.
For a long time, the Russian theatre went undocumented, but it wasn't until the 1648, that theatre came back into the picture. During this era, there were multiple clashes of culture that intertwined with one another in Russia, therefore, causing confliction an uproar in Russia.

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