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Something that I found interesting about the presentations was how influential religion was in theatre and the language confliction whether it was because of the different interpretations on a word or a variation of language to convey a story which made it complex to understand. Something I learned was how different the meaning of theatre means for everyone. I always knew that theatre was different for everyone, but through these presentations, it broaden my lens on the different outtake on theatre. Something I wished I would have learned more was the meaning of theatre in each of the theatre history.
Something that worked well with the presentations was that everyone seemed to have a lot to say about their topic which seemed like they knew what they were talking about. What also worked was keeping the class entertained with their comic references because it kept everyone engaged.
What didn't work was when the presenters would speak while a clip was being shown because it was hard to hear them and hard to concentrate on both. Another thing was, at times it seemed like everything was being rushed therefore, it didn't seem important.

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