Presentation 9-12

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For today's presentation, there was a wide variation of how groups went about presenting their topics. Starting off with my group, I thought we did a successful job despite on the challenge that we encountered. I thought we did a successful job of stating the obstacle that we tumbled upon and how we moved forward into our research. I also thought another success was explaining how the events that occurred within the Russian gap was also theatre but under a different light. Moving on to the other groups, the first one that jumps out to me was group 12. A success was the use of dimmed music in the background while the presenters were speaking, the consistent vocal tone that all the presenters used to take the audience back into their era, the reenactment of how theatre was, and interaction with the audience and giving us a sense of how theatre was like during the era that they researched. But on the down side to that presentation, at some points, I no longer paid attention to the person talking, but the people reenacting. Another success that a group did was having minimal bullet-points then verbally explaining the rest of the information in depth.

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