November 16, 2006

Situational Leadership

Review the concept of situational leadership per the links below or other
sources you may wish to research.

Consider the following case example and respond with a paragraph or two about
how you would use situational leadership strategies and concepts to work with
the people involved. Wait until most others have also responded then respond
at least one more time on the blog with reactions, agreement or debate about
what others have written. Here's the case:

You're the new leader for a three year project in a developing country. The
project aims to reduce HIV infection rates with a special focus on women's
empowerment. You have two entry level, college educated staff who were raised
in the area. You are planning the program with ongoing input from community
members. After your first months of planning and organizing you're faced with
a keen conflict between the recommendations of your staff and the community
elders. The staff believe that if the program is to have a chance for
sustainability after the three years of funding, the focus needs to be on train
the trainer models with a strong emphasis on leaving behind educational
materials and "infrastructure" such as systems for purchasing and distributing
condoms. The elders feel strongly that the immediate issue is poverty. Your
program should focus on feeding and sheltering the hungry and homeless as a
basic and urgent human right and the surest way to curb exchanging sex for
money. Discuss your approach as a leader given this conflict and how concepts
of situational leadership will apply to how you interact with your young staff
and how you interact with the community elders. How do you resolve the
conflict? What is your vision for this program?