March 10, 2008

Students express concern about classroom environments

By Allie Kopp

TMI UMD is a new concept that will explore the pet peeves, rants, random things heard around campus and other discussions about UMD life. In case you don’t know TMI stands for “too much information.? In TMI UMD’s first article, we will explore the different pet peeves and concerns that students express about learning in the classrooms and lecture halls.

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March 8, 2008

When sharing information becomes too much

By Jami Reinhart

“I had a rough night last night, want to get some coffee?? “I really want to be with you, I just don’t know…? “OK. So do you want to tell me what happened last night?!?

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March 6, 2008

A man with a whip

By Ryan Swanson

University of Minnesota Duluth students had different responses after learning about the alarming incident in the Montague 70 lecture hall on Feb. 20. Some students had frightened responses, while others were stunned and questioned the incident.

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Please stop giving TMI

By Amanda Daniels

The truth is…you’re talking too loud.
Have you ever heard someone talking really loudly in the hallway on their cell phone? Or tried your hardest not to eve’s drop on the two people in the library whispering not so quietly? How annoying is it when people give you a little too much information, especially when you are not expecting it?

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