October 26, 2007

Reshuffle Assignment Final


There I was, sitting in the classroom. Everyone was silent, not saying a word. No one wanted to take on the challenge of writing a story on Charlie Bell, one of the Duluth mayoral candidates in this year’s elections.

Being the young, beginning reporter that I am, I thought that this story would be quite challenging and a good experience for me.

Though nervous, I raised my hand and volunteered for the job.

The next step was to get a hold of Charlie to set up an interview.

As I dialed his number, the phone rang and rang and rang again, as I nervously waited for his response.

After leaving a message, Charlie returned my call and we booked the interview.

It was easy as that, as I gained a little confidence and went off to bed.

Though confident, I was still a little nervous that morning of the interview, as I walked down the halls to meet Charlie, not knowing what to expect.

As we met in the coffee shop, he smiled, greeted me with a handshake and we sat down to chat.

Now, in the Kirby student lounge here at UMD, a quieter environment, the interview began.

Still a tad nervous, I fired the first question.

As he answered, my pen flew like the wind, as I quickly wrote as much as possible, trying to catch every glimpse of his life in my little reporter’s notebook before I had to run off to class.

Charlie answered question after question as my pages filled up with his thoughts and words. As we continued, I began to realize that he was quite an interesting fellow.

When we closed, we ended just as we started, with a smile and a handshake, as he headed for the exit and I walked off to class with my head held high.

As I strutted down the hallway with the first interview in the books, I started to appreciate the guts it took to take on this challenge.

Then, it finally hit me.

This story wasn’t going to be so tough after all.

October 21, 2007

BLOG Search Assignment

This first blog I found came from Pace University in New York City. This blog was a first person view on a sophomore student who was attending the university. During this short blog entry, he explained the many programs, activities and organizations he was involved with at Pace, and how he has taken advantage of his opportunities throughout his college career. This blog was very effective and I like it a lot because it gave me a sense of who this student was. Being a college student, I could definitely relate to his positive experiences with being involved at college. I like his first person view on his college life. The writing was awesome because it included many experiences that this student has experienced and gave a warm feeling about this university. The writing also flowed well and was easy to connect with. This blog was very interesting and gave a good view a person like myself, a busy, involved, college student.

This second blog I came across titled “The Mudville Gazette,? was a very interesting first person view from a U.S. soldier at war in Iraq. This blog came from the views of a soldier and described his personal experiences in the war. I really enjoyed this blog and it was very effective because it opened up my eyes to the war in Iraq. I don’t know too much about the war, and this blog really informed me by capturing some of the moments that are occurring over in Iraq. This blog was also quite personal and included numerous details of about the war. One of the main reasons why I enjoyed this blog so much was because of the wonderful writing. In this blog, the first person writing was very unique and made me feel as if I was almost in the helicopter with this soldier. This blog was awesome, it really helped me realize a little more about the war and captured a deep sense of the life of a soldier in Iraq.

October 17, 2007

Inaugural BLOG

WHO doesn't love blogging. no rules. no bosses. no judging.