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Connecting Design to Mathematics

Every building ever built obviously has a connection to mathematices, without the knowledge of math, architecture would be almost impossibel. I will talk about two of the buildings that I think have a very apperent connection to mathematics.
The first buildings that I will look at are the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. The buildings were designed by Cesar Pelli and were completed in 1998. The design is strongly influenced by Islamic geometrical polygonal. The Petronas Towers are very geometrical and linked by a walkway that also helps to stablize the buildings. The Petronas Towers are a great example of how design connects to mathematics.

Islamic star art that was the basis for the design of the buildings.

Drawing of the aerial plans for the buildings.

An aerial photo of the towers.

A picture of the towers in the daytime.

A picture of the towers in the evening.


The second building that I will talke about is the Swiss Re London Headquarters in London, England. The building was designed by Norman Foster and was completed in 2004. The building is cone-shape to help with wind resistance and is also very energy efficinet. The frame of the building is shaped like muliple geometrical dimonds and is emphasised by two different colors of glass. It is a wicked Awesome building and is another great example of how design connects to mathematics.

The origional plans for the building.

During the construction...cone shaped with a dimond-shaped frame...

The building as it looks today.

Nearing the end of construction...all the windows are flat except the ONE on the top of the building.

The ONLY rounded window on the whole building is the one on the very top.