Emerging Definition of Leadership Week 5

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Last week's final definition:

My initial definition of leadership is the ability to organize, direct, and inspire other individuals.

This week's definition:

Leadership is not only the ability to organize, direct, and inspire others. Leadership is the being flexible, and utilize the different leadership styles depending on the situation. Also, in order to effectively lead there must be: trust, compassion, stability, and hope.

After completing the readings for the past five weeks I have gained more insight to what it leadership means. My definition is continuously developing, and I will add more as I learn more about the topic. My initial definition did not change, but I just added more information.

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You need to provide some analysis based on the reading itself, even if you decide not to change your definition. Surely you had some thoughts on the content.

Clarity of Definition: 2
Analysis: 4
Grammar: 2

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