March 22, 2006

Weeks 36 - 38

Well, here was our attempt to get a picture of Mia's tooth - as you can see, it was not successful. We'll keep trying!

Mia's eighth month 086.jpg

Mia's eighth month 082.jpg

Mia's eighth month 085.jpg

My mom was here for a little over a week so that I could get work done on a paper that's been weighing on me for a while. It was really nice having my mom here and Mia really bonded with her grandmother. Aaron and I even got to go out for an evening with friends and Mom successfully got that baby to sleep for the night!

Mia's eighth month 017.jpg

Mia has started cruising along furniture and her favorite spot is her crib - a trick taught to her by her grandmother. There's still no crawling though - she'd much rather be standing. And I guess the big news of the week is that Mia is now sleeping in her crib. It's going okay - some good nights and a fair number of not so good nights, but I think we'll get back to good nights soon.

Mia's eighth month 026.jpg

Mia's eighth month 049.jpg

Mia's eighth month 063.jpg

Here's a movie of Mia waving - she's figured out the hand movement, but not the meaning behind it quite yet so it's done at rather random times. You'll also get to see her fuss at the end of the clip.

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March 6, 2006

Weeks 33 and 34

A couple of weeks ago we had a real cold spell and our basement was rather intolerable. I went down one morning with Mia to play and turned on the heater which registered at 49 degrees. You read that right, it was 49 degrees in our basement room. So I got a sweater, slippers and eventually a hat for Mia to wear around the house that morning.

Mia in hat.jpg

Mia standing.jpg

My mom came to visit a couple of weeks ago. Whenever she comes, we end up with great pictures of us with the baby, but few, if any, pictures of her with Mia.


Mia and Daddy.jpg

Mia and Mama.jpg

Mia is still really into standing and walking so I got her a new toy that she can stand and play with - it's quite the hit.

Mia's new toy.jpg

We've been playing with other children more lately. Mia wants to be able to grab their faces and give kisses which other babies aren't always so excited about, but it's pretty cute to watch. Here's the boy that I took care of last year and his baby sister.

Mia, Ilana and Isaac.jpg

So a little while ago (near Christmas time) Mia was crying while we were driving in the car and my mom put on a CD - it happened to be an Elvis Christmas CD and Mia stopped crying instantaneously. Of course, Mom lent us the CD and it continued to work like a charm. I thought, well Mia has always liked deep voices - maybe if we buy CDs of other musicians with deep voices or even a different Elvis CD so I don't have to listen to Christmas music forever, Mia will like one of those. But no, it must be the Elivs Christmas CD and preferably the first 2 tracks. It's pretty hysterical if you ask me. Every time I turn it on, I laugh and laugh when it works. What a funny baby. In other exciting news, I felt a tooth tonight and if you can get her to open her mouth without her tongue covering her gums, you can see a little line cutting through her bottom gum. She's been in a great mood the last few days and is sleeping as well as Mia ever sleeps so it doesn't seem to be bothering her too much so far - keep your fingers crossed.

Mia in bath.jpg

Mia in diaper.jpg

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