August 16, 2005

Draft Site Available for Comment

The first draft version of our new web site is available for comment.

It's at:

I'd be happy to talk to any of your about your suggestions. If you plan to give me written comments, please post them to the blog. It'll build a record of the discussion and ensure that everyone has access to all comments.



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July 29, 2005

Draft Template

Hi. We have a draft template posted at:

Please take a look and provide some feedback here, on the blog.


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July 25, 2005

Explanation of Website Graphic

In case it's helpful to share a way our website might be organized, here are three things from Inspiration:
#1 = the Inspiration file itself [requires Inspiration, which I can provide]; can be edited
#2 = the exported graphic; for viewing only - cannot be edited
#3 = the outline, exported to Word; can be edited

In case it's not obvious, the main proposed navigation buttons here are:
1. Contact info (if we don't just go with the CEHSP contact info)
2. About us
3. Programs
4. One Stop, for...
4a. Prospective Students
4b. Current Students
4c. Faculty
5. Accreditation
6. Partnerships (APT3, CACTE, Gift Giving...)
7. A link to let folks return to our home page

If you have any comments, please let me know. If you'd like to repond in writing, please do so here, rather than in an email. It'll help keep the blog lively, and will build a record, so that someone who becomes involved later will be able to see what transpired as we began.

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File #3 of 3 (Word)

Download file The is a Word document, created from the Outline component of Inspiration.

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File #2 of 3 (Graphic Only)

educ_website_graphic.gif This is the graphic (exported from Inspiration as an image file [.gif].

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File #1 of 3 (Inspiration)

Download file This is the Inspiration file (for editing).

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Four Authors

I've added Helen, Mike and Bruce as authors on this blog, and would be glad to add others. This will allow others to add new "threads," so that the discussion isn't always a response to something posted by me.

Evidently, some classes using blogs have the instructor and all the students as authors. This makes it possible to have a discussion where many individuals can put more threads out there at the top level - not just as responses to the manager.

If anyone else in our group wants to be added as an author, please let me know.

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July 21, 2005

Try a blog?

This is to see if a blog might be a useful tool as we revamp the Education web site. This was the original email on this topic:

On Jul 21, 2005, at 12:27 PM, Karen Plass wrote:

Hi. Our current departmental web site has served us well since its creation. Since then, however, web development and browsers have evolved. It's time to embrace the more modern code that powers web sites being used by UMD, CESHP and many others. I plan to start working on a revamp of our web site next week.

Goals include the following:
* Remove old pages that are no longer being used
* Revise the navigation links (categories) to improve usability for students and faculty
* Improve accessibility
* Standardize file names
* Simplify the site's structure (organization)
* Devise a new "look" that will probably be a combination of what we have now (i.e., the blue "Russian dolls") and the CEHSP and/or UMD sites

I want to let you know this is happening, and that I am interested in your suggestions and concerns. If you want to talk about them early on, please let me know! When the new site gets far enough along, it will be online for review and feedback. The public will continue to see the existing site until we are ready to switch.

I'd like to start with feedback from this small group, do some revisions, and then have something for the whole faculty to look at when they come back, the last week in August. I hope to see us using the new site in Sept., but I've been cautioned that this is a big job, and that it's probably not feasible to do it that quickly. If it's not ready for the start of the semester, our next logical transition time would be after the program admission deadline and before advising starts.

This message is going to the program coordinators and several other folks. Feel free to forward this email to any other key people I've missed, and send me their name for future updates. If you know student(s) who should be involved, please feel free to send their name(s) and contact information also.


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