Bi-Weekly Report #2: "Embracing Technology Through Teaching"

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Many older generation teachers today don't have much experience with digital technology and have a hard time incorporating it into their classrooms. It's not that they don't want to embrace the new world of digital art, but it's more that they don't know how because they haven't had the proper training. It's very important in this new generation that we both incorporate the new and old and not have either one be over bearing or on the other hand, get lost. Teachers today have to realize that we need to prepare students for the global workforce, and as we all know the world is continuing to advance in digital media. Another debate to talk about is that many older teachers have been in the school system for so many years and don't like "change." This isn't fair to incoming new teachers because the older generation teachers don't like the new ways that art is being utilized. This is a situation that both harm the school system and more importantly, the students who are "our future." If we don't prepare our future generations, advancement will not happen and it's an important factor in enhancing our global communities. If teachers don't have the experience of this new artistic style of digital media, they need to educate themselves to give our future a better outlook whether they like it or not. As new teachers are coming into the school systems, the more "new knowledge" is going to be present and we need to make sure that everyone is on the same page so we can work together to learn and create new artistic styles through digital media. School systems either need to have workshops where teachers can keep up with the advancement in technology, or the new incoming teachers need to help the older generation teachers learn the new ways of what art is becoming.

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Yes I agree. We need to prepare students for a global society. I think having workshops is a great idea! Even if you had one workshop a year of how to introduce digital technology into the classroom that would be helpful. I hope you have luck incorporating digital technology into your classroom!

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