Bi-Weekly Report #3: "Digital Drawing Tablets"

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I found a research article done by Carol H. Faber who did a study on the traditional studio drawing methods to the new digital drawing tablet. Drawing is usually the first thing that is introduced to children as a work of art. Many drawings start out as just "mark-making" and slowly develop into more complex shapes and figures as years progress with practice. In this case study, there were 25 university students who took an experimental class where they compared the traditional way of drawing with the new digital way. These students had four assignments where they incorporated PhotoShop and other digital tools to enhance their drawings. Many students felt that they had to change their drawing techniques from the traditional way of drawing, which was a little difficult for them because they found it was very time consuming and frustrating but they were happier with the results than the old traditional way of drawing. Some students had more experience than others, but the majority of the students felt that drawing took a little more time on the tablets due to learning different techniques than what they were used to. Some of the students who had a little more experience with the tablets liked the digital aspect better because they could easily fix their mistakes. The majority of the students felt that this digital drawing class benefited them a lot. They got to experience other programs such as PhotoShop and got to work with other mediums other than your typical pencil or charcoal. Many students realized that found a certain style that matched to their old way of drawing and felt that once you know how to draw traditionally, you could easily catch on how to draw digitally. Another benefit of the digital drawing tablet is that students found you could incorporate the two by scanning hand-drawings and creating a sketch digitally that would help form your final rendering. Some students mentioned that the digital tablet lost tactical quality but overall improved their drawing skills and digital technology.
I found that this new technology has many benefits. I feel the best benefit is that this is great way for students to learn how to use digital media that both enhances their drawing skills and their digital skills. It's also awesome that students can combine the two so that the traditional way of drawing doesn't get lost with the digital way of drawing. Students also get to incorporate different mediums other than drawing tools.
Some negative outlooks to this new digital technology is that it's quite expensive and the ability to have every student get one for your class might be difficult. Another negative aspect is that some kids might like digital drawing so much better that their tactical quality might worsen than when you do traditional drawings.
As I look forward to having my own classroom someday, I feel that I would love to have this digital technology in my classroom. I would give the students a specific project that they would have to both create by your traditional drawing skills and then transfer that idea digitally. That way they don't lose their tactical qualities and they get a new way to learn how to draw and incorporate other mediums into their drawing that might be difficult the traditional way. Even if I got a few of them in my classroom, I would have my students take turns practicing so their knowledge in the digital world expands and they get to experience new artistic programs. Overall, I think case study was very successful in seeing how the two relate and are different. It's a great idea and I hope that I get the chance to learn how to use it!

Faber, Carol H. "Digital Drawing Tablet to Traditional Drawing on Paper-A Teaching Studio Comparison." Iowa State University College of Design. Web. 13 Oct. 2011.

Here is a link that better educates what a digital drawing tablet is:

Here is the link to the research study:

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Drawing tablets are great. I got one a year ago and I really enjoy it. They do offer some that are not as expensive. The Multi-media Hub has some you should check one out and try it. We also have a few in the classroom that you can try. Seeing the kids at the workshop enjoying photoshop so much, I can only imagine that they would love to use digital tablets to draw with.

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