Sand Animation Group Project

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To start out the lesson, here are some examples to get a better understanding of what sand animation looks like done by professionals:

Video Examples:

NO CORRAS TANTO Sand Animation from Cesarlinga on Vimeo.

Eatliz - Lose this child animation music video from Eatliz on Vimeo.

Here is a video of what we created as a group:

Sand Animation from Kassie Gibbons on Vimeo.


Necessary Materials:
-Light Table
-Mylar Sheet
-Sand (Different Colors Optional)
Optional Materials:
-Popsicle Sticks (To Draw)
-Q-Tips (To Draw)
-Paint Brushes (To Draw)
-Tissue Paper (Background)



Step 1: Prepare Your Station
-Gather all of your materials
-Tape the mylar sheet to the light table so it's an easy clean-up
-Put your camera on the tripod above the light table
-Turn on the light table

Step 2: Brainstorming
-Brainstorm an idea for the project. This includes characters, setting, plot, and ending.
**Note: Since this is your first project, try to keep your story and characters as simple as possible. It might get frustrating if your ideas and characters are complex because this is a very time-consuming activity.

Step 3: Adding Shapes
-When starting your project, only build a part of the shape/characters at a time, little by little. Then, take a picture.

Step 4: Making Smooth Transitions
-To add more and/or make things move, you change the shape little by little and taking a photo after every small move so that the video is very smooth when transitioning shapes or movements into something else.
**Tip: An additive or subtractive method creates these movements and forms your shapes into objects that you want in your video.


Step 5: Creating Your Video
-Import all of your photos into PhotoShop and follow the steps learned in class to create an animation video.
-Export your final video onto your desktop.

Step 6: Adding Sound/Music To Your Video
-Drag your exported video into GarageBand and play with sounds and music that could go along with your theme to your video.
-Export your video to your desktop and remember to save so you can share with others!


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