'Cult-like' group found alive

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By Andrew Krammer

After many feared that a group of 13 Salvadoran immigrants had committed a 'cult-like' mass suicide, they were found alive in southern California.

Searching by horseback and helicopter, authorities looked all over the Palmdale area of northern Los Angeles County on Sunday. According to CNN, there were eight children between the ages of 3 and 17.

The leader of the group, Reyna Marisol Chicas, has been deemed unfit to care for herself and others and has been put under a 72-hour mandatory hold. She gave police a false name and claimed she had no children, ABC reports that her two kids were with her the entire time. The group claimed to be perfectly O.K. and in no need of rescue.

The suspicious activitiy of the group included leaving behind cell phones, identification, deeds to property and disturbing letters.

1 Comment

This is a bit close to the original story wording. Aim to rewrite. You don't want to copy and paste or even appear to do so. Good job generally on the blog.

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