Analysis: Structure

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By: Andrew Krammer

The body of an American who was shot by Mexican pirates is still missing, according to a story done by CNN.

Within this story, the important elements are easily locatable at the beginning. Important questions such as the what, when and where of the story are addressed immediately. The issue, the missing body, is placed in the lead, followed by information regarding where, the Mexican side of Lake Falcon.

The reporter then follows up with quotes from authorities, confirming the information that was previously given. Then the question of 'who' is addressed, since there is no prominence with the victim, this information is left until the end of the article. Ending with background information about the area.

The reporter did an excellent job of organizing the information from the most important to the least. The way the story is written, it keeps the reader engaged and it doesn't bombard you with useless words and information.

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Nic work, Andrew.

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