Analysis: Diversity

By: Andrew Krammer

In an article done by CNN, the reporter writes about the recent settlements the U.S. Senate has approved for minority farmers.

For this anlysis, I talked to an african-american friend of mine, fellow University of Minnesota student, Jordan Becker. Jordan lives near me in Dinkytown.

Within the article, the report does move past stereotypes and discusses how the government is paying back billions of dollars towards many races of farmers.

"The report does a good job sticking to the news of the settlements and avoiding the discrimination lawsuits that brought them," Jordan said.

The article brings in quotes from President Barack Obama and other notable people such as the president of the National Black Farmers Association. By bringing in these quotes, it shows how the settlements are paying back such damages done by these 'stereotypes'.

The article ends by describing how multiple people from all political parties are supporting this bill.

This display of reporting shys away from any kind of discrimination and instead focuses on how the government is fixing and repaying damages done by stereotypes and discrimination.

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