Analysis: Obituary

By: Andrew Krammer

In an obituary done by the New York Times, Frosty the Clown recieved a traditionally styled article.

The lead begins with his name, Glen Little, followed by his claim to fame, Frosty the Clown with the Barnum and Bailey Circus. This lead works well with the obituary and sources, such as Mr. Little's wife, were used to confirm the death. Other sources included Mr. Little's protoges, who gave insight into his worklife, which is what he was known for.

The structure of the obituary differs from that of a resume because the obituary follows his life for what he was known for, a clown. The reporter adds in personal touches with quotes from coworkers, but does not simply just list his accomplishments.

Overall, the obituary follows the classic lead, claim to fame, and biography structure.

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