Clippers rookie Blake Griffin wins All-Star Dunk Contest with a flashy performance

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By: Andrew Krammer

A 2011 Kia Optima, silver with tinted windows, was parked under the hoop in the Staples Center on Saturday afternoon. That was the scene moments before Blake Griffin won the NBA's midseason dunk contest, SI reported.

Griffin won with a dunk over the hood of the Optima, as a gospel choir sang at midcourt, ESPN reported. This unorthodox performance was almost unfinished as Griffin struggled on his first few dunks and competitors like JaVale McGee impressed judges by dunking into two baskets at once. Other highlights included a Serge Ibaka dunk, that happened only after he snatched a stuffed animal from the basket with his teeth.

Even with stiff competition, Griffin's jump over a car and dunking an ally-op thrown from the sunroof proved to be too much.

1 Comment

being a clipper fan here in l.a., i get to see blake...he is a superstar now and could end up being bigger than lebron...and the best part is, he is a terrifc kid....i have great memories of dinkytown...go golden gophers.

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