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Analysis: Computer-assisted reporting

By: Andrew Krammer

For my analysis, I chose an article by an Ann Arbor news organization that reports on increased Radon levels in their city hall's basement.

The article discusses how Radon levels that are 'far above amounts posing cancer risks' have been plaguing the basement of Ann Arbor's city hall for many years. The reporter had to use computer-assisted reporting to look up city records and find out how long ago this problem dates back to.

The reporter was forced to not only look up city hall records, but investigative records on multiple other organizations that had alerted city officials of the problem years ago. Records dating back to the early 90s showed absurdly high readings of Radon, but were ignored.

The reporter also utilized records to find his interviewees, who were people that filed multiple complaints and even moved their offices from the city hall's basement.

Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall stabbed; wife arrested

By: Andrew Krammer

Miami Dolphins star receiver Brandon Marshall was stabbed in the abdomen Friday evening with a kitchen knife, CNN reported.

Michi Nogami-Marshall, 26, was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, the Los Angeles Times reported. Nogami-Marshall, the wife of the star wide-out, alledgedly stabbed Marshall in their Southwest Ranches, Florida, home.

Marshall's injuries are nonlife-threatening and his wife was released Saturday from the county's jail in Fort Lauderdale after posting a $7,500 bond.

US confirms first predator strike in Libya

By: Andrew Krammer

The United States military has confirmed the first strike by a Predator drone in Libya, BBC reported.

President Obama gave approval on Thursday for two armed American Predator drones to fly over Libya, ABC news reported. Two days after the approval, NATO says the drone destroyed a Libyan government multiple rocket launcher near Misrata.

Predator drones had been used in Libya before, but only for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

Student dead after semi-truck accident in Dinkytown

By: Andrew Krammer

A University of Minnesota student was killed early Thursday after a semi-trick hit her at the intersection of Fourth Street and 15th Avenue SE, Minnesota State News reported.

Just before 8 a.m., Kimberly Yeong Sil Hull, 25, was biking on 15th Avenue and crossing Fourth Street when the truck took a right onto Fourth Street and hit her, the Minnesota Daily reported.

Hull, an avid filmmaker, was an undergraduate student at the University and was set to graduate in two weeks. She recently won the Judge's Choice Award for short-film in the University of Minnesota student Film Festival.

Arrest made in Dinkytown hit and run

By: Andrew Krammer

A 29-year-old Roseville man was arrested Thursday for allegedly running over three University of Minnesota students in Dinkytown last week, the Star Tribune reported.

The man, who has a criminal history with drunken driving, is accused of being the driver of a car that drove down the wrong way on 5th Street SE and struck three students and killed one of them, KARE11 reported. Benjamin Van Handel of Appleton, Wis. was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center with a severe brain injury and broken bones, but never regained consciousness and died Thursday afternoon.

Katelynn Hanson and Sarah Bagley, both 21, escaped without serious injuries. The incident occured on the night of April 15, shortly after the Dinkytown bars had closed.

Orlando gas station charging $5.69 a gallon, nation's highest

By: Andrew Krammer

With gas prices rising across the country, one Florida filling station has set the mark at $5.69 a gallon Friday for the most expensive gas in America, CNN reported.

Located near the Orlando International Airport, Suncoast Energys was charging customers $1.91 over the city's average. The average price of gas in Orlando is $3.78 a gallon, which is a few pennies short the state and national averages.

Tourists returning rental cars on their way to the airport fuel at this station, then realizing how expensive it is until it's too late, Yahoo reported.

Italian train carrying migrants stopped at French border

By: Andrew Krammer

An Italian train carrying Tunisian immigrants was halted at the border of France Sunday due to the on going battle over North African migrants fleeing political unrest to Europe, BBC reported.

France claimed there were hundreds of activists on the train planning a demonstration in France, the Star Tribune reported. Italy is said to have angered France by giving out temporary resident permits to thousands of Tunisian migrants, which allows them to travel freely in many European countries.

There is said to have been a demonstration planned in which some 300 protestors were going to ride a train in support of Tunisian immigrants, according to BBC's Hugh Schofield.

Anoka County inmate dies after found hanging

By: Andrew Krammer

An Anoka County jail inmate died Saturday after being found hanging from a bedsheet on Thursday at the jail, the Star Tribune reported.

Steven James Carroll, 28, of Anoka, was taken to Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids after he was found hanging from a sheet Thursday afternoon, KARE11 reported. The area was in lockdown at the time and the inmates were being checked on every 15 minutes. Police said Carroll had been checked on at 2:30 p.m., but must have hung himself shortly after.

Carroll had been charged with felony domestic assault, burglary, disorderly conduct and had a warrant out for his arrest in Florida.

Armed men rob Plymouth bank, suspects in a series of heists

By: Andrew Krammer

A pair of gunmen robbed the Anchor Bank in Plymouth on Thursday and the FBI says the men are suspects in four other robberies, CBS reported.

The two masked men entered the bank about 10 a.m. Thursday morning and drew black semiautomatic pistols on three bank employees who were forced to open the vault, the Star Tribune reported.

The four other robberies were in Champlin, Plymouth, Anoka and Roseville and all were within the past nine months.

By: Andrew Krammer

The Federal Aviation Administration suspended its seventh air traffic controller this year for sleeping on the job, CNN reported.

The incident happened at the Miami Air Route Traffic Control Center during the midnight shift Saturday morning.

The FAA announced Sunday that there will be new rules governing worker's schedules, MSNBC reported. The new changes include a mandatory nine hours off between shifts and more managers on duty during early morning and night shifts.

Nicolas Cage arrested in New Orleans

By: Andrew Krammer

Nicolas Cage was arrested in New Orleans' French Quarter Friday night on several charges, CNN reported.

The Oscar-winning actor is accused of being drunk in public and arguing with his wife in the street, CBS reported. The couple was arguing in front of a home that Cage insisted they were renting. When his wife said it wasn't theirs, Cage then grabbed her arm, police said.

Police said Cage started hitting vehicles and tried to get into a taxi, but they ordered him out of the cab. There were no visible signs of injury to his wife, according to police.

Northern Ireland police defuse "huge" bomb

By: Andrew Krammer

Police in Northern Ireland defused a bomb containing 500 pounds of homemade explosives on Saturday, CNN reported.

The bomb is said to have been built by dissident Republicans who were trying to cause 'huge devastation' in a nearby town, ABC reported. It was found under a bridge south of Newry after authorities were alerted by two warning calls on Friday.

It was around the same size as one that 'dissident Republicans' used to kill 29 people in Omagh in 1998.

Human skeletal remains found in Brooklyn Park

By: Andrew Krammer

Human skeletal remains have been found in a wooded area in the southern part of Brooklyn Park on Friday, the Star Tribune reported.

A passer-by was said to have called police after finding the remains on Friday afternoon, the Pioneer Press reported.

Police were called around 12:40 p.m., it is being investigated if there are any people reported missing in the area.

By: Andrew Krammer

A man who carjacked a cabdriver and led police on a high-speed chase before officers killed him, has been identified, the Star Tribune reported.

Jason P. Barsness allegedly carjacked a Minneapolis cabdriver at gunpoint Thursday morning and was shot by officers shortly after he pointed a gun at them, CBS reported. A total of five officers were said to have fired their weapons after seeing Barsness aim the gun at them.

Officers chased Barsness through the northern Twin Cities metro area, going as fast as 100 miles per hour.

Five dead and 11 wounded in Dutch mall shooting

By: Andrew Krammer

An unidentified gunman in the Netherlands killed five people and wounded 11 then took his own life, BBC reported.

The gunman walked into a Dutch mall and opened fire with an automatic weapon, Yahoo reported. There has been no explanation for the shooting.

Four of the injured were in critical condition and five others sustained serious wounds. The man was described as a blond 25-year-old wearing a leather jacket.

Hawaiian warehouse explosion kills four, injures one

By: Andrew Krammer

An explosion at a Hawaiian warehouse killed four people and left one critically injured Friday, KITV reported.

The storage unit held fireworks that were seized as evidence and a licensed explosives company was contracted to destroy them, CNN reported.

The incident happened around 9 a.m. Friday at a Waikele facility and it killed three men in their 20s and a man in his 50s.

Analysis: Numbers

By: Andrew Krammer

In an article by CNN, a reporter writes of a recent poll done on the average American's IQ when it comes to our federal budget.

The reporter waited until the sixth paragraph to place a number in the story, this allowed for more context to be given to the reader before they are flashed with numbers.
The reporter also does an effective job of using numbers in different ways, for instance: "One in five think it represents about 30 percent of the money..." By using 'one in five' the reporter avoids the repetitive use of percents.

There are many numbers thrown at the reader in this article, but since it is so long, the reporter does a very good job at stretching the numbers out throughout the story to keep the reader from being overwhelmed.

The poll was conducted by CNN and the details of the survey are listed at the very end of the article.

Suicide bombing in Pakistan kills at least 4

By: Andrew Krammer

Suicide bombers killed 41 people and injured at more than 100 others at a Sufi shrine in central Pakistan on Sunday, CNN reported.

The bomber detonated the explosives at the entrance of the Sakhi Sarkar shrine in the Punjab province, BBC reported. A second would-be bomber was arrested at the shrine before he could blow himself up.

A Taliban fighter claimed the attacks as the third on Sufi shrines this year, according to BBC.

By: Andrew Krammer

A 41-year-old Edina man was sentenced to 3 ½ years in prison Friday for the hit-and-run death of a man riding a motor scooter, Fox reported.

Christian Neal Rogat pleaded guilty to four counts of criminal vehicular homicide for the Sept. 1 death of Robert "Bob" Kuntze, 53, of Edina, the Star Tribune reported.

Rogat's blood alcohol level at the time was 0.165, about twice the legal limit.

After fleeing the incident, police found Rogat and he admitted to being behind the wheel of an SUV when it struck Kuntze.

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