Analysis: Computer-assisted reporting

By: Andrew Krammer

For my analysis, I chose an article by an Ann Arbor news organization that reports on increased Radon levels in their city hall's basement.

The article discusses how Radon levels that are 'far above amounts posing cancer risks' have been plaguing the basement of Ann Arbor's city hall for many years. The reporter had to use computer-assisted reporting to look up city records and find out how long ago this problem dates back to.

The reporter was forced to not only look up city hall records, but investigative records on multiple other organizations that had alerted city officials of the problem years ago. Records dating back to the early 90s showed absurdly high readings of Radon, but were ignored.

The reporter also utilized records to find his interviewees, who were people that filed multiple complaints and even moved their offices from the city hall's basement.

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