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April 27th Jame Shields Padilla Shutouts

A lot of #1 pitchers went on Sunday April 27th. In turn there were a bit of complete games, and solid pitching efforts in general.


Top SP Line of the Day

James Shields (TB) - 9 Innings, CG, SO, 0 Runs, 3 BB / H, 7 K's. With apologies to Vicente Padilla, this award on this date has to go to James Shields. A 3 hit shutout even at home against the Red Sox requires mentioning. And Shields is 3-1 with only a few bad starts, and the starts where he gave up 4, 5, and 5 runs only about half of them were earned. Before the season people had a hard time giving this guy the benefit of the doubt over K Machine but also injury-riddled Scott Kazmir. Shields though looks like a more consistent ace and as TB's ascension to being a decent team continues, Shields will likely be leading the way. He may not be elite, but he is getting close and is a top 10 AL starter.

Vicente Padilla (Tex) - 9 Innings, CG, SO, 0 Runs, 9 BB / H, 2 K's. A pretty ugly shutout, but a shutout is a shutout. I love getting that CG and SO category with a nice cheap shutout like Vicente's against Minnesota. Vicente is anything but consistent, but you could say that about any Texas SP. But Vicente has been known to have crazy games from time to time, and the Minnesota lineup is not that scary. This guy will probably stay a stream start but if the matchup is right, Padilla can still pitch effectively. Would have liked more than 2 K's in 9 innings though!

Chien Ming Wang (NYY) - 7 Innings, 0 Runs, 6 BB / H, 9 K's. Lots of lines close to this one, but Wang gets the benefit of the doubt shutting down Cleveland at Cleveland. Of course he is pitching deep into games but that's what Wang does. He is now 5-0. What's more, he's striking people out this year. If this continues watch out, because that was the only thing Chien Ming did not do well in previous years. Few can shut down an offense and win games like Wang.

CC Sabathia (Cle) - 8 Innings, 1 Run, 5 BB / H, 8 K's. Tough loss for CC. He won the start before with 11 K's in 6 innings and now this effort against NYY, so it's clear things are turning around for the big fella. If you can still buy low on CC from an owner in your league, I would do so. But you are running out of time.

Paul Maholm (Pit) - 9 Innings, CG, 1 Run, 6 BB / H, 2 K's. Another Padilla-like CG on this strange day. Maholm shutting down Philly? It will take more than this and his last win against Florida to make owners believe but it seems like he could be another spot starter if the matchup is right (though I wouldn't consider the Phillies a team to stream pitchers against).

Jake Peavy (SD) - 7 Innings, 2 Runs, 7 BB / H, 9 K's. Tough loss for Peavy going up against his rival Brandon Webb. Peavy still has a 2.09 ERA with a 38 / 14 K / BB ratio. Still one of the top 3 SP's if not #1.

John Lannan (Wash) - 7 Innings, 0 Runs, 8 BB / H, 3 K's. One more ugly yet solid outing from a lesser known commodity. It was a solid Cubs lineup in what has become more of a hitter's park over in Washington. Lannan though has shut down CHC, ATL and the NYM to the tune of 20 Innings, 1 Run, 18 K's. Will it last? At the very least this guy has to be considered as a top stream SP pickup.

Jesse Litsch (Tor) - 7 Innings, 1 ER, 5 BB / H, 4 K's. Not really a great outing but he got the win. This is important as even though it was Kansas City, it was a rare road effort from Litsch who is usually just a good pickup for home matchups.

Josh Beckett (Bos) - 7 Innings, 1 Run, 5 BB / H, 13 K's. Tough luck loss for Beckett as he is 2-2 but is striking people out and is backed by a solid offense. He will get that 4.10 ERA up and he has 29 K's in 4 games so it looks like his stuff is intact.

Brandon Webb (Ari) - 6 Innings, 0 Runs, 9 BB / H, 5 K's. Ugly WHIP and just 5 's, but he got yet another win. 6-0 is Brandon Webb, playing for those dominating Arizona Diamondbacks. Don't be surprised if this guy wins over 20 games considering his consistency and the Diamondbacks potential for really busting out as a 100+ win team. Oh and he has a 1.98 ERA.

Edinson Volquez (Cin) - 7 Innings, 1 Run, 8 BB / H, 10 K's. Last but definitely not least for the great SP starts of 4-27-2008 is Edy Volquez in Cincinnati. Granted this was at San Francisco so this is probably the best matchup you could have. But 10 K's in 7 Innings is something. This is a young guy that never flourished in Texas, but he has a 1.23 ERA, 33 K's in 29 innings, and is 4-0 for Cincinnati.


Worst SP Line of the Day

Barry Zito (SF) - 3 Innings, 8 Runs, 10 BB / H, 1 K. Is there a worse SP in the league right now than Barry Zito? When you consider he is one of the highest paid SP's as well, it is just embarrassing that he is stealing money from the San Francisco Giants. Granted he has one of the worst lineups to support him, but he has a great park. But he just does not have stuff anymore. The K's aren't there, he's walking people and inefficient, and he has more walks than K's. There are still people owning him based on his name yet Jonathan Sanchez has a K per inning on the same team but is not touched because he's not making 150+ million dollars over the next 6 or so years.

Livan Hernandez (Min) - 2.2 Innings, 7 Runs, 10 BB / H, 2 K's. Livan has avoided these this season, until this one. He started off 3-0 without giving up many runs. The K's weren't there but they never were, and owners would have been happy if he just kept his ERA down. But now it shot up to 5.05 and you have to wonder if the old Livan is coming back. He is a workhorse no doubt but is another veteran lacking in stuff and when you can't miss bats you are bound to get lit up eventually.

John Smoltz (Atl) - 4 Innings, 4 Runs, 9 BB / H, 5 K's. I got this guy in a bunch of leagues and this was sad to see. The Mets are a great offense but he is probably hurt to some extent. Even with this crappy outing, he has 36 K's in 27 Innings with a 2.00 ERA. Hopefully this ace is healthy because when he is you are looking at one of the more underrated studs.

Brett Myers (Phi) - 5 Innings, 4 Runs, 9 BB / H, 5 K's. Not a terrible effort from Myers but it needs to be pointed out that his return to the rotation has not gone as smoothly as hoped. He had two good starts against Houston and Chicago at home but is giving up runs and not striking batters out in the other four. We know from 2004-2006 that he can start and strike out a batter an inning in about 200 innings. Remember though that he closed most of last year and was injured too. I have him in a million leagues so I have to hold onto him and ride it out.

Not really any other crappy pitching lines from April 27th 2008, Sunday. Good job guys.