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Arod, Phil Hughes on the DL

Mr #1 overall fantasy stud Alex Rodriguez is not having a good start to his year. Even before the DL stint his power numbers weren't up to par to his normal stats (and of course not close to his monster 2007). Likely this was an indication that his quad needs to be rested. Hopefully this DL stint is all he needs to get back. I have him on a few teams and when you have a guy like that who is drafted #1 overall in every league, your expectations for him are understandably high since you don't get another pick for a long while! It is a long season and Arod is the most consistent fantasy performer around so those gaudy numbers will come eventually.

Not sure necessarily about that for Phil Hughes though. Hughes had an atrocious start before his impending DL time coming up. His first game against Toronto was okay, it ended in a no decision with 2 runs, 4 k's, 5 walks / hits in 6 innings. Not great but good enough. His next four full starts he went 3 innings, 2 innings, 5.1 innings and 3.2 innings, raising his ERA to 9.00 with an 0-4 record and a putrid 2+ whip. Far too many walks and not the electric stuff that was expected out of him. How could so many scouts be wrong about him? You will need to be patient until July when he comes back, and even then you may want to watch from afar to ensure the same things do not happen. A frustrating case but hopefully you have a DL slot or two in your league.

It is not surprising that the Yankees are struggling at 14-15, just getting swept by the Detroit Tigers. Another young pitcher got bombed in Ian Kennedy, a guy who looks like he just does not have the stuff to pitch well in the big leagues (though he had some nice games last year including a shutout). Also Jorge Posada who had a godlike 2007 is on the DL for the time being with a dead arm.

In Atlanta it looks like John Smoltz will be a relief pitcher / closer. We will see how long that lasts.