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Best Yahoo Fantasy Player

bigcc.jpg(AP Photo/Darren Hauck)

Normally, hitters seem to carry the most value to me. They play every day whereas sometimes you get as little as 1 start per week from your stud pitcher. Even if Ryan Braun has a poor Monday, he is likely to turn it on and give you a few HR's and a nice average the rest of the week.

This year though I am starting to see the immense value of the Roy Halladay / CC Sabathia types, especially in Yahoo! leagues which have CG's and SO's in their standard scoring.

Sabathia's transformation once joining the NL is worth noting as well. His season started off disastrously in Cleveland, as he gave up 27 runs in 4 games. The K's were still present as was the workhorse-type pitch counts. However, people were blaming the struggles on fatigue from the year before and the amount of innings CC pitched.

After a 6 inning 0 run 11 K effort at Kansas City at the beginning of May, CC slowly began to turn things around. From this day forward, his ERA has gone from 10.13 to 2.82. His ERA as a Brewer is 1.43!!!!! 208 K's in 210 Innings with 9 complete games and 5 shutouts.

In one of my oldest leagues, a buddy of mine's team has been going as CC has gone. Initially CC (and Erik Bedard) were sabotaging his season, but now he is taking CG's / SO's every week, and dominating in K's, ERA and WHIP as well. In that same league, I own Jake Peavy and Johan Santana. They are good, sure, but if you add up the CG's and SO's for their entire career it is similar to what CC has put up this year. Another shutout to add to the total on Sunday at Pittsburgh, in what likely should have been a no hitter for CC.

Clearly, the move to the NL has even bettered CC's situation, though he was starting to turn it around in Cleveland. This will earn him a good chunk of change from someone, possibly those New York Yankees with 90+ million in payroll coming off the books.

Meanwhile, one has to wonder about Johan Santana after seeing Sabathia's move to the NL. Johan's stats were sliding last year, but most assumed an elite, all-world performance was on our hands with his move to an NL superpower. Alas, it has not been the case. Johan is just 12 - 7 with a 2.71 ERA and a 1.15 WHIP, his worst WHIP since his first year in 2003. Looking at his elite years, he was producing between 235-265 K's and 45-55 walks. He has 51 walks already this year with just 169. Still a top pitcher, but not the elite, sure #1 pitcher that he used to be. Combined with the fact that even out of Minnesota (notorious for their pitch counts), he is lacking in the CG / SO department. A recent shutout at Pittsburgh helps with that, but he has just one other CG besides that this year. Considering his ERA / WHIP / K totals are no longer the best in the league, CC has to be considered the #1 SP right now. With maybe Tim Lincecum coming in at 2nd, with his ERA / WHIP / K Totals.