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Titans Johnson burns Bengals


Chris Johnson
now has 202 yards in 2 games for the Titans. Lendale White vultured the short yardage touchdown and will always be a threat for that, but White gained just 59 yards on 18 carries as opposed to Johnson's 109 yards on 19 carries. Johnson's breakaway ability means more likely that he'll get a long touchdown but again, watch out for White stealing those goal line touchdowns. Still, considering the Titans run-first philosophy, expect Johnson to be emphasized throughout the season and should be a stalwart at RB for years to come for this team.

Kerry Collins managed the game well with just 123 yards but with no turnovers and a short touchdown to Justin Gage. Collins has the arm to throw deep and stretch the field, but with the Titans up early and often against Cincinnati his passing was not needed.

Titans defense has performed well the last two weeks, holding the Jaguars and Bengals down offensively. Star linebacker Keith Bullock even blocked a punt and recovered it for a TD, making Tennessee one of the top defenses for the week (not quite the haul the Packers provided in Detroit though).

Carson Palmer, Chad Johnson and TJ Houshmandzadeh continue to disappoint fantasy owners. Not many teams could match the offensive firepower of the Bengals the last few years, but they have faced two tough defenses and the numbers show. 4 catches 37 yards for Chad Johnson, 3 catches 26 yards for TJ. 134 yards passing with 0 TD's and 2 interceptions for Carson Palmer. Palmer now has little over 200 yards in 2 games with 0 TD's and 3 interceptions.

Knock the Bengals passing studs down a bit, but this is a nice buy-low opportunity as well. They still have games against the porous Browns, and other favorable matchups should be followed. But what once were sure-fire starts now have to be examined closer and if you have someone more reliable, it might be worth a change. Hard to believe JT O'Sullivan would be a better QB than Carson Palmer so far, but this is true. Matchups have been a big key to the Bengals failures but there may be something more there.

With games at the New York Giants, at Dallas, home vs. Pittsburgh all coming up, these Bengals might be better off on your bench. But week 4 against the Browns at home is the true test. If they cannot light the Browns up, this could be trouble.