September 9, 2008

Brady ruins knee / ACL / MCL

Some fantasy owners are upset about this I think :)

August 17, 2008

T Jax hurt? Sleeper RB Ray Rice


Tarvaris Jackson started the night punching the Vikings into the endzone on the first draft, but did not last long. Jackson tweaked his knee on a hit after a 9 yard run, and he left the game a few plays later.

Up until that point Tarvaris had a nice night, with a 23 yard touchdown to Martin Nance and 7 / 11 for 82 yards and 22 rushing yards. However a few of the deep passes were very inaccurate, something Jackson is working on with deep threat Bernard Berrian in the mix. While certainly not a top QB or even close, Jackson can be considered for spot start duty depending on the matchup, in deeper leagues or leagues that require two QB's. He is about on Vince Young's level as a fantasy player, which is not much currently but both have some break out potential with their two-way abilities.

Martin Nance by the way had a few nice catches, 3 for 74 yards to be in fact, and at 6-3 215 pounds he is a big target downfield. Bobby Wade, Sidney Rice and Bernard Berrian are ahead of him on the depth chart but should one suffer an injury, Nance's name may emerge.

With Willie McGahee injured, rookie Ray Rice seized his opportunity with a nice game against a tough defense. 8 Carries 77 yards, 3 catches 17 yards, a 42 yard run and a touchdown. Rice could be one of the more valuable handcuffs in fantasy, as McGahee seems prone to injury this year and the Ravens will rely on running the ball once again with their questionable quarterback situation. If McGahee goes down, Rice would benefit vastly.

Another year, another inept passing game from Baltimore it looks like. Kyle Boller is up to his usual tricks, and Troy Smith has shown some athleticism and playmaking ability but lacks polish. Rookie Joe Flacco is behind the two according to the coaching staff. It is likely you will want none of them this year in fantasy unless you are in a very deep league.

There is some potential among those catching the ball though. Todd Heap was at the top of the TE list for a while but has since lost some glow. At this point he is a fine TE sleeper because when the Ravens do throw, it's to the talented Heap. Only problem for Heap (well, despite the passing attack in general) has been his health lately. Derrick Mason is the definitely of a possession receiver, with just over 10 yards per catch (104 catches, 1087 yards, 5 touchdowns). Still, Mason provides value because he is generally forgotten about along with the rest of the Ravens offense sans McGahee. As a #3 receiver late in the draft, Mason is a fine choice.

August 11, 2008

Seattle's Engram out 6-8 weeks

engramcamp.jpgAP Photo/Jim Bryant

The receiving core for the Seahawks continues to get thin. A torn ACL will ruin Deion Branch's season, and now Bobby Engram will miss the next 6 to 8 weeks of Seahawks activity with a broken shoulder. Normally the big question is who will step up next to Nate Burleson and be a #2 target, but the more glaring issue is what this does to Matt Hasselbeck's stock.

Granted Engram will only be out a month of the regular season, but who knows how productive he will be afterwards? He had a fantastic 2007 but has had an injury-riddled career to this point. Burleson is not a true #1 receiver but considering the circumstances he should be getting a lot of looks.

Matt Hasselbeck is being taken around when Carson Palmer, Donovan McNabb and Derek Anderson are being picked off the draft board. Expect Hasselbeck's stock to drop a bit, as it probably should have anyway with Branch's injury and DJ Hackett's departure. Still, the Seahawks are no longer the rushing juggernaut they were in the early-mid 2000's with Shaun Alexander. Last year's pass-happy version is still what we should expect, so Hasselbeck should retain value because of his volume throwing if nothing else. But with the lack of quality targets, he is sure to suffer in completion % and less deep plays.