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July 30, 2008

a baby yawning

Wearing a hat is his new thing. Clearly it makes him feel all warm and happy.


Brendan is still good at sleeping


July 17, 2008

Baby sleeping on big bed

Look at the little dragon sleep on the big bed.


July 12, 2008

Baby Octopus Turban for Boys


Amphibian Frog Robed baby now is wearing Octopus attire. You can't see the Octopus print at the top so you're gonna have to take my word for it.

This got me thinking, what is an Octopus? Not an amphibian, not a fish (despite breathing with gills)...but it's part of the Mollusk Group, with Snails, Squids, Slugs, and other muscular, slimy creatures. Watch out for their poisonous bites if you are in Australia and are lacking an Antidote :). Thanks as always google...this concludes our marine life lecture for 7 / 12 / 08.

One more look at the tough guy for today.


July 8, 2008

Frog Robed Amphibian Baby

Hay guys. No update in a while...so here is his first bath.

frogmonster.JPGcool frog.JPG

He made some sad faces but overall has enjoyed this experience. The calming vibrations from the spa are a big reason I'm thinking. Brendan likes to put his feet by the water jets

Other than that, Brendan has moved onto the huge 10 ounce bottles. If you give him 6 ounces he'll just get pissed at the end :)