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August 16, 2008

messy baby boy gazing

Baby Brendan is assessing the situation, after a messy dinner.


Mommy got some good ones the other day, like this.


In other news, Brendan visited the doctor on 8 - 15 for his 2 month visit. Handled his shots admirably and has been sleeping while recovering :) He is now 12 LBs 14 Ounces and 23 inches

August 12, 2008

baby talks to mommy here

Brendan loves the sun on his Baby Einstein pad. But only when it plays music. When the music is not playing you'll find Brendan grabbing at the duck and robin.



Preparing a karate chop


Brendan is getting long. Soon we will go in for our 2 month apt and see exactly his length / weight.

posted Rhino picture twice

A+ for me on that one.

August 5, 2008

baby boy sleeps with cat + rhino

I'm posting while Brendan sleeps on my chest. Not the most efficient way to work but he likes sleeping on his stomach. Of course, we must accommodate his wishes :)