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January 16, 2009

Baby Brendan sits

Brendan now sits and is making progress on the ground, flipping around and being able to use objects to pull himself around a bit. However, he does not crawl, though he attempts to when you coax him with one of his toys.


And he can still drool with the best of them...he still only has his two bottom teeth, but the top two are probably on there way.


Brendan, Gus, Horses, Christmas

Hey, sorry it's been a while...got some pics though.

Grandpa did an admirable job trying to maintain balance with two wild babies.


Gus is the elder statesman among the Krasean cousins. Generally he delivers presents for Santa but he passed that honor onto Ellie this year.


Brendan looks bewildered here but that's his classic surprised look. It was a good first Christmas for the guy...


Bren got a horsey for Christmas. Klopp...Klopp...Klopp..