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May 23, 2009


Bren does a good job in these photos with the crazy warped outdoor reflection. I look like some sort of alien with a bright holy light. In the bottom one Bren is about to sneeze while it looks like I'm bracing myself for some sort of time warp appearing above me.




video version. This is at the end, when Bren is getting tired of being on the other end and wants to come out and play. So we make it short.

Lots of baby ducks running around lately. Have to thank our neighbors for that one as they are well known in the animal community for their generosity regarding food. One momma is leading 14 baby ducks around. I've only managed a few pictures but I'll try to get some more and get a post up. Bren likes hanging out by the dock and watching the little feathery ducks buzz around the water.


Bren likes a nice breeze. and lilacs.


May 6, 2009

Baby Brendan takes a tumble

Just a little fall, nothing for this guy. Definitely looks bad as it's happening...and somehow this all happened within seconds of me recording.

Gets up laughing as always