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September 26, 2009

Gus' 5th bday party


Gus is one of the coolest guys I know. Just likes to play ball and have fun, and sets a good example for his younger siblings and cousins. Got some good pictures of the event, here are just a few.

Ellie watching Johan send a box along the lift 'n load. :)


Anja way up high


Bren gets a squeeze and a kiss


Brendan smiling while tipping his head to see Anja, usually a maneuver used on the cats.


Just a short video for your viewing pleasure. Bren does some crazy steppin to avoid the acorns.

September 15, 2009

1st trip to Underwater Aquarium

Brendan eating chicken and pizza with us..

Dog days have hit the lake; it's all green, and making matters worse the geese have taken over the back yard for the past few weeks. Thus we decided it might be a good idea to hit up the Underwater Aquarium at the Mall of America.


Okay, a little blurry at the Rainforest Cafe. Brendan had some fun eating fruit shakes, chicken and pizza...and also enjoyed the water geysers and thunderstorms going off throughout. It made for a refreshing experience.


We ended up getting to the Underwater World a bit late, but this combined with it being a week night resulted in us basically being alone through the whole thing. We could hear little else besides the water running through the falls. Pictures are strange sizes because I cropped out the flashes from taking a picture through the glass. Not sure why we didn't bust out the cameras earlier as we passed the sharks, sea turtles, etc, but I suppose we'll be back not before long. Anyway, here's an Eel I think...


A bunch of sea horses. They were dragging each other around by the neck at times.


I thought the colors were neat, plus these turned out well for whatever reason..



Oh, and a jelly fish.


September 12, 2009

El's pink flowers

Our neighbor El set up these nice plants that just recently bloomed. Bren wanted to check them out too of course. He likes flowers, plants, gardening, etc.



Also, mommy took some nice pictures of Bren that are worth sharing. My favorite might be the stern look by the recycling bin, though the maniacal laughing picture is hard to beat.




September 3, 2009

Duck feed, Bread, Crackers

*Editor's Note- I made 3 posts in about an hour, so scroll down past this post for more new content :) Remember to right-click + view picture to see a bigger version of the pics

The ducks have sure been a lot of fun this year. Most of them have already left, and the ones who are left aren't the ones below (the ones still around are a bit more shy and probably heading south soon too). This group was anything but shy, surrounding me at any point and grabbing bread from my hand.


So high-res you can see the bread crumbs on the duck's beak. This was one of the lighter-colored ducks that would eat right out of my hand.


One of the ugly parts of feeding the ducks. Inevitably seeing them bicker even when feed / bread is essentially endless. But their beaks are so dull, I can't imagine it matters much except maybe for a few hurt feelings :)


Momma duck...


Of course Brendan is out when we're feeding the ducks too.


More from this session later. But I just like how they're all peering towards the camera..


Hay guys wait for me...


Como Zoo trip and Anja B-day

Cake delivery! For the new 1...


Johan and Gus had a misunderstanding, J was sad, but he feels better now...


Bren playing with the ball in the other yard, with that sly grin I use from time to time


And then we have the two new 1's.


Okay, now the scene shifts to Como Zoo, end of August 2009. Here's a pretty butterfly. As always, right-click and "view image" to see the closer view.


Ellie seems to be devising a plan, while the boys and the gorilla listen.


Hey, let's put Brendan by the gorilla. Alas, it was not his day...Had a fun time and all, but he lacked sleep, and he didn't want any part of the jungle-lord. Maybe next time. Ellie's look is key - staying cool but still kind of like "wow this kid is going nuts".


But Bren enjoyed the ride on the Old Timer with mommy.


Swimming in August, July


Well, it's been some time. I have not been neglecting taking pictures of course, just the process of cropping, re-sizing, and uploading them here. But the stars are aligned tonight for whatever reason...

I'm trying to think if there is something that Brendan is more ecstatic about than lake excursions, but I'm drawing a blank. Maybe his mint-oreo blanket.