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Duck feed, Bread, Crackers

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The ducks have sure been a lot of fun this year. Most of them have already left, and the ones who are left aren't the ones below (the ones still around are a bit more shy and probably heading south soon too). This group was anything but shy, surrounding me at any point and grabbing bread from my hand.


So high-res you can see the bread crumbs on the duck's beak. This was one of the lighter-colored ducks that would eat right out of my hand.


One of the ugly parts of feeding the ducks. Inevitably seeing them bicker even when feed / bread is essentially endless. But their beaks are so dull, I can't imagine it matters much except maybe for a few hurt feelings :)


Momma duck...


Of course Brendan is out when we're feeding the ducks too.


More from this session later. But I just like how they're all peering towards the camera..


Hay guys wait for me...


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