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October 28, 2009

Tues. Oct. 27 was a nice bright day outside

It really was. Even though Bren woke up on that day with his first cold ever (which seems to have quickly passed), we managed to get some time outside to enjoy the leaves falling and to hang out with the geese and ducks by the lake.

As always, right click + view image to see the pics in a higher-res





Molars coming in.




You know I gotta include a video, so enjoy the sound interference from the wind :) At least it gives an idea of the amount of leaves falling off the trees...

October 14, 2009

Minnesota October Snow

It was snowing on Monday and I decided to go out and get some pictures...

Tried to minimize the flash effects by having the lake where the flash is.


Lake shot from above


Stairway to heaven aka the dock that predates the 19th century...


Ghost Lake...


Of course there are other docks and boats in the lake..


Ok this video is extremely cheesy...

One more video on the lake with me snickering once the camera shifts to the mutilated dock section...

October 6, 2009

frog boots and rainy days


Certainly has been a rainy week until recently, though that didn't deter Brendan's will to get outside. Probably an accurate precursor for Winter too. But that's why we have frog boots. He can submerge his feet in the puddles. Usually has one or two sticks he carries around to splash the puddles. I think he likes to test the depth.

Here's a quick video of him hitting the puddle. Unfortunately I couldn't zoom in or get a better angle, but anyway, I find it funny watching him walk in those boots ...


Later on Mom comes home and tells Bren to be nice to the Gingerbread Man, because he was throwing him around. Lighting is a little strange in this picture.


Saved the best for last. 1:30 of Brendan walking around and jabbering. This is right after lunch, before his nap..