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November 18, 2009

Ellie + Bren Car Demolition


Ellie was over on Saturday and we spent a lot of time racing around in the cars out back. This included plowing over other cars and random debris in the way. With the dips in the yard we were able to hit some big jumps too. No injuries or driver ejections. Just a lot of laughs..However my camera's battery level was dwindling that day so it would turn on for 5 seconds and then shut off :) Did manage to get a few shots though.


Oh, before all the driving I went downstairs to see what grandma and Ellie were doing..


These were from today. Bren still likes the Halloween Jack-o-lantern and will point and whine until I take it down from it's perch in the garage. Then we'll wander out back and do rock presses (see below). Also, the lake looks pretty warm..hopefully it freezes soon, looking forward to skating on it.



November 10, 2009

Gox (ducks), rocks, wood dock

Early morning activities in the back yard with the dock section.




Now, this video is great stuff. But the best part is at the very end - if you listen carefully you can hear geese flying above and making noise - Bren thinks they are ducks and says "Gocks". Definitely one of his favorite words.

November 7, 2009

Halloween 2009 *Rambo*

Rambo was out on Halloween shooting up the bad guys. Had a great time with Cousin Kate for the first bit, then we went off to do some trick or treating as it started to get dark. Got through about 15 houses and were making our way back, but Bren then hit the wall and starting balling and wanted back home. Could be the scary costumes he saw or the fact that it was basically black at this point, regardless it was time to get back and wash off the face paint.




Airplanes, Pumpkins, leaf raking

Brendan is in tune with the airplanes flying above us. itsanairplane.JPG

Bren has this weird phenomenon with piles of leaves. For some reason he feels compelled to fall forward and pretend he's sleeping in them. He's kind of doing it here but this doesn't do it justice..


Loves riding through the leaves though.


+ pumpkins


Haunted Farm


Mommy wanted to bring Bren to the farm to see all the haunted stuff, and of course the animals as well. It was the day before Halloween but no one else was there, mostly because it was cold and muddy. As we show up they ask us if we want to buy some pumpkins. Nah man, we're just here to look at your animals and walk around, heh...